At APHI, we pride ourselves with efficiently working one-on-one with various real estate agents. Our team of agents is a major key essential to our success!

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June 2018 - Alyssa Banko

June 2018 - Alyssa Banko, from Home Smart Realty, has been working with APHI since January 2018. Since then, she has brought us over 50 leads, including off-market, foreclosure, and pre-foreclosure deals!

With strong communication and interpersonal skills, Alyssa has mastered what it takes to help others reach their dreams. Whether she's listening  for your preferences, hustling for your needs, or negotiating your price, Alyssa knows how to turn a client's dream situation into a reality. CONGRATULATIONS ALYSSA BANKO!

May 2018 - Luis Zelaya

May 2018 - Luis Zelaya's motivation in Real Estate started in 2001, working as a Loan Officer. In 2016, he began working as a Real Estate Agent. Adding tremendous value to the team as a bilingual agent, Zelaya joined the APHI team in late April 2018. Since then he has worked on over 30 properties with APHI. He has submitted numerous offers, met with clients face to face, worked on repair estimates, and always does it with a smile. Luis is a great asset to Team APHI for numerous reasons, including being investor-savvy, having a good eye, great communication skills, and the ability to work independently. CONGRATULATIONS LUIS ZELAYA!

April 2018 - Luis Padilla

April 2018 - Luis Padilla has a passion for real estate. With a strong background in entrepreneurship Luis is one of the new breed of modern, tech-savvy real estate agents. He utilizes his natural ability to quickly build rapport, and his extensive network of connections to provide the best possible service for his clients. Most of all he enjoys the personal connections, helping sellers prepare their home for a successful sale, and matching the perfect home to the right buyer. Luis was first introduced to APHI when one of the managers called him while driving for dollars.   Luis was easy to talk to and showed his hard-working skills from the very first phone call.  This past month alone Luis has worked on over 20 leads and offers with APHI managers! He is a great asset to the team and we would like to congratulate him for an outstanding job!! CONGRATULATIONS LUIS PADILLA! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!

March 2018 - Elizabeth Vejar

March 2018 - Elizabeth Vejar earns the Spotlight this month! Currently a realtor at Keller Williams, Elizabeth has brought us over 30 leads and submitted over 20 offers in the past 30 days! Elizabeth has been an asset to our team and is so fun to work with. She brings over 17 years experience in direct sales. Elizabeth is new to the Antelope Valley, but that doesn't stop her from being knowledgeable and full of ideas! CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH VEJAR! WE APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK!

February 2018 - Janine & Paul Koster

February 2018 - Janine & Paul Koster, also known as Team Koster, take the Agent Spotlight this month! They brought over 30 leads in the past 45 days, made over 20 offers, and continue to work hard! Team Koster are investor-friendly agents and understand the dynamics of real estate investing. They offer over 18 years of experience in real estate in the Antelope Valley. Team Koster has a passion for real estate with a strong background in sales and an excitement about helping people achieve their dreams. WAY TO GO TEAM KOSTER!

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