About Us

Affordable Pro Homes & Investments, LLC is a family-founded company rooted in all aspects of real estate based on the principle of improving the community one home at a time. APHI takes distressed properties and makes them beautiful again.

APHI also helps if you are in a distressed situation and need to sell fast! Some examples may include:

  • Stopping Foreclosure
  • Tax Liens or Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Probate/Unwanted Inheritance
  • Relocation/Job Transfer
  • Tired Landlords
  • Vacant Property
  • Selling Direct
  • or Whatever reason that you need a quick close!
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APHI can make a no-obligation offer within 48 hours and close on YOUR preferred timeline!

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Our Real Estate Services

As Fortune Builders Mastery members, APHI is deeply rooted in all aspects of real estate, including, but not limited to:

  • Property Wholesaling
  • Rehabbing/Renovating
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Private Lending
  • Rental Properties/Investing

Meet Our Team

At Affordable Pro Homes & Investments, LLC, our team is dedicated to serving you! Give us a call today!

Our real estate team pino and patsy founders of APHI

Pino & Patsy Tenerelli


With a goal to work together in real estate doing what they love, transforming homes and helping people, Pino and Patsy desired to share their passion of real estate with others. As they began to develop the company and carve their niche in the big world of real estate, they quickly realized that there was a distinct need for certain real estate services they originally did not foresee. So they decided to create a set of companies - where in collaboration with one another, they would offer a package of real estate services under one large umbrella, known as “Affordable Pro Homes & Investments”.

APHI real estate investing team member Brian

Brian Lacey

Lead Generation Specialist

Brian has been such a close friend and Health Coach to Pino and Patsy over the last few years, that they consider him family. Brian's enthusiasm, optimism, kindness, focus and determination is what made it easy for APHI to bring Brian on-board as our Lead Generation Specialist. Brian assists with calling home-owners and finding out if they are interested in selling their property.

Madison Nelson

Social Media Marketing

Madison Nelson joined APHI in 2017. When she was interviewed, Madison came off as such a sweet, spunky, and polite 'Southern Gal' and it was an immediate connection. Madison has over 5 years of web design and social media marketing experience and is the owner of Successful Creations. She manages APHI's blogs, Facebook posts, and media marketing.

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