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If you are looking to sell your house fast, or if you have found yourself in a real estate dilemma and are simply looking for answers, we can help! Every year there are hundreds of thousands of people who get hit with one of life's unexpected curve balls, sometimes forcing them to sell their house. Most people are not aware of their options beyond listing their house with a Realtor, or trying to sell their house on their own, and just hoping for the best. At APHI, we work with each homeowner individually and explore all possible options. Our goal is to put power back in your hands and improve the community, one home at a time.

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Improving the community, one home at a time

Based in southern California, Affordable Pro Homes & Investments, LLC, also known as APHInvestments or APHI, is a residential redevelopment company. We buy all types of houses, including properties in distress, renovate them to bring them up to the local market's standard, and either sell or rent out the property.

APHI pays cash for properties, which means we can close on the seller's timeline of choice. Need a few weeks to be able to move out? No problem. Need to sell your house FAST and close in 7 to 10 days? Also not a problem. We are here to help YOU in your situation, whatever it may be.

We are committed to improving the community, one home at a time.

Si! Hablamos Español

APHI is also fluent in Spanish and can assist you if you are not comfortable with English. We are committed to providing Spanish speaking services to our Latin community.


APHI seeks out properties in distress and makes them one of the best on the block, improving the community, one home at a time.



With over 12 years of experience in remodeling homes, APHI takes pride in renovating homes with form, fit, function, and style in mind.


Have a leaking roof? Want to make that room addition of your dreams a reality? Contact APHI now to get in contact with our pro contractors.



Are you, or someone you know, looking to sell your house fast? Contact APHI to close in as little as 7 days! Receive a cash bonus for referring us!

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Interested in Investing in Real Estate? APHI is Your Answer!

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